Post Office

I have wanted to try a pinhole slit for sometime when I realized the talented pinhole camera builder ‘James Guerin’ also offered pinhole slits on his website. So when it arrived a couple days ago I started to experiment with focal lengths and exposure times.. my first efforts were sad but eventually ┬árealzed it was ‘user error’ . I had a light leak which never happens with my cameras. Once I had resolved that issue I tried again and I could not be happier with the results

Pinholed in the Snow


Using a Pumpkin Spice(courtesy William-Sonoma) pinhole tin with an F230 pinhole on a very bright, though cold day. Exposure approx 25 can just see my beautiful stained glass window hanging in my kitchen. Snow is somewhat rare in the Portland area of Oregon but very popular with the neighbor children.. sledding in two inches of snow looks a bit scary but they seem to be enjoying themselves..personally it can’t melt fast enough!